Join skater Caleb Smith and cinematographer Bruce James Bales this Saturday (3/28) at 6:45pm central time for a Facebook live watch party of the documentary short ULTRA, followed by a 7pm Instagram live Q&A.


ULTRA is a 13 minute documentary on Rollerblade team rider Caleb Smith. It follows Caleb as he Ultraskates down California Coastal Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. A truly cinematic journey skating over the course of 10 days, reaching a distance of 500+ miles while climbing over 15,600 ft of elevation. 

ULTRA is a look at how skating can be more than skating. It is a journey of struggle, beauty, gratitude and zen. 

The Details

There will be a live Facebook watching party at 6:45 pm central time on Caleb’s Facebook Page.

Followed by an Instagram live Q&A at 7pm central time.  IG: @kaleboston
Bruce and Caleb will be answering any questions you might have, as well as telling stories from the journey and sharing insight on planning and executing an Ultraskate. 

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