The organizers of Winterclash are incredibly excited to announce this very special edition of Winterclash 2021. During these past weeks, they’ve worked on a concept that goes way beyond the typical streaming events or video contests that we are all used to by now.

They tried to come up with a way to create a digital Area 51: An event space that is not only open to those who can afford to travel to the Netherlands every year. Instead, they have aimed at an event that invites everyone to participate and interact – and to share the sense of community that we experience in Eindhoven year after year.

For the first time in their events history, every single person on and off blades will be able to take part in Winterclash.

You are part of our community and that is exactly what we are going to celebrate…

The Contribution Each And Everyone Of You Make.

Winterclash 2021 is dedicated to you…you who chooses to stay on your blades year after year or you that may have only just landed your first mizu grind. To you who helps share and promote blading across social media. You event organizers around the world, growing the roots of our community both locally and internationally. To brands new and old creating innovative products and you the shop owners keeping us all rolling. To you the teachers and coaches supporting the next generation of bladers. It is a celebration of your huge magazine or video collection. It is for you the OG’s getting back into the sport after time out…the list could go on and on. 

Blading culture is built upon such a diverse and varied collection of people, who all have different things to offer. Let’s come together and make it visible.

Winterclash 2021 will be an online event creating a sense of community even when circumstances prevent us from getting together in Eindhoven. For three days in February, you will have the opportunity to solve challenges, upload photo/text/video submissions, and in turn, collect points towards your overall ranking. 

These challenges are designed in a way that neither your skill level nor the quality of your local skate park will be an obstacle for you to participate in. This means you, your friends and your local scene will be visible to the world and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WIN WINTERCLASH 2021!

Tickets are available for €20 ($23) with the money being used to create the infrastructure and digital technologies we need to make this work. If we can all come together, collaborate, and contribute, this can become the biggest event our community has seen since the invention of the inline-skate.

There is no winter without a clash.

 Read more about the idea and how it is all going to work.

Tickets out now:

(Photo: Rene Lutterus)

Header photo by David Grant

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