Transitioning to skating in an urban environment opens up a whole new world. We asked urban and park skater Danny Aldridge to share his advice for people who want to test the waters of this creative way to enjoy your environment and your skates. Two key points to consider: First, in urban skating there is movement all around you; people, cars, buses, strollers, etc. Second, urban skating encompasses a huge variety of terrain; cobblestone, grates, asphalt, granite, concrete, etc. As an urban skater you must master the basics and employ all the necessary safety gear.

He explains his choice of skates. In this video he rides the Rollerblade® RB 110 3WD skate. Danny walks through the basics for urban rides like how to start quickly, how to stop using the T-Stop, and how to turn in a small space, and the correct body position for ultimate control. In an urban setting you will encounter obstacles in your direct path. Danny shows you how to jump them with the perfect pop and jump. Then he shares his tip on how to land compressed and roll away smooth.

Published on October 23rd, 2018 by Rollerblade

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