The second attempt our NYC Rollerblade 10K Challenge was a success. The rains from the previous attempt did not threaten to ruin this amazing adventure skate. The Bronx Rollerblade® 10K Challenge was definitely not the typical Rollerblade®10K Challenge. This event was more of a social exploration. It’s not everyday in NYC that you skate the full length of Central Park, cruise Harlem, visit a skatepark, skate over the East River, skate past horse paddocks, scenic wooden bridges over picturesque inlets, the largest insane asylum on the east coast, past soccer and baseball games, under a train bridge, through part of the South Bronx, and end up at a cool local brewery. Be sure to check our Facebook page for more Rollerblade® 10K Challenge Events.

Published on September 6th, 2018 by Rollerblade

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