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Tom Hyser recently got together with his long-time friend Nate Garrison to record the latest episode of Nate’s Podcast. Tom has been an essential player in the history of our sport from his beginnings with K2, to running Skatepile and now helping the sport grow through his work with Rollerblade.

Since the beginning…

Tom has been living his life by design since the before high school.  He has always had a vision for what he want and has lived an amazing life pursuing this vision.  Its been quite a ride reflecting back on how many different ways and places Tom has done this.  It all first started right after graduation when 4 crazy kids took off to California for an epic summer of adventure I will never forget. 

Tom had a plan…

But Tom had a plan, even back then, that plan saw him become a pro skater. Which took him to Seattle to design in-line skates for K2.  Then, coming back home to GA, he started a  After growing that brand and establishing a skate community in the Southeast, he then realized his dream of working for Rollerblade growing both the industry he helped establish and creating a culture along the way. 

…to live his life by design.

Now back from a stint in New England that saw him crystalize his role of father and husband, He and Erin have taken the next step in realizing their dreams of a lifestyle by design.  For them, That’s now the pro mountain biker lifestyle which is exactly what both their kids are well on their way to becoming.  Hope you enjoy my conversation with the always entertaining Tom Hyser.

Introduction by Nate Garrison

Lifestyle by Design with Tom Hyser

Listen to the The EXTRAordinary Podcast with Tom Hyser here.

Running Time: 129 Minutes
Release Date: 06/10/2019


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