Big Wheel Blading is proud to have been asked to be a media partner for Winterclash Worldwide this year. Founded by Johannes Jacobi in 2005, Winterclash is the longest-running and largest skatepark competition. Each year it draws hundreds of skaters and spectators from around the globe, who gather for a long weekend of skating and socializing in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Winterclash Goes Virtual for 2021

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, quarantines, and its attendants’ safety, Johannes and his crew made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event for 2021. Instead, they produced the first-ever Winterclash Worldwide Virtual event. To be part of the event, people paid a small fee, which gave them access to the Winterclash phone app.

In the app, you create teams and earn points by solving any of the 241 challenges. The team completing the most challenges would be crowned the winner of Winterclash 2021. In the end, 529 teams consisting of 1,214 active competitors solved a total amount of 32,204 challenges. Four crews reached the maximum amount of points, solving all the 241 challenges and checking all the bonus rules.

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The Ultimate Prize

The four teams to complete all of the challenges were 50/50, Brisneyland, Rolkowo, and TWG. With the four-way tie, a spin of the wheel had to be used, making the 50/50 team the official winners. The 50/50 team will receive travel support and flight tickets for Winterclash 2022, free accommodation, food & drinks the entire weekend, and a wildcard spot and their own heat in the pro-competition.

The Big Wheel Blading Challenge

As a media partner, we were allowed to create one of the challenges featured in the app. The Big Wheel Blading Challenge was to do a topside grind on a tri-skate or a setup over 90mm if you completed the challenge, you would earn 60 points. Seventy-six teams joined our challenge and submitted images of them grinding and stalling on a big wheel setup.


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