The 2018 Athens Blade House Tour in Greece

Nick Kouros posted an excellent article about the 2018 Athens Blade House Tour. The tour featured 40+ international bladers who met up in Greece for 2 weeks to skate and enjoy the beautiful country.

The article was written by Jonas Rogge. It feautures the photography of Avi Barouh, Hadrien Bastouil, David Grant, Nikos Karatzounis, Maria Koutroubi, Gabrielle Minev, Jonas Rogge and Jo Zenk. The story also includes video clips from David Grant, Nikos Kouros, Martin Krejčíř, Gabrielle Minev, Rusen Minchev and Aleš Špidla.

What culminates in the annual Bladehouse event by the Syeahskate crew goes way back. Nikos Kouros, an Athenian filmmaker, has built up, over years, a hub for the Athens blading scene in the house that he lives in. After coming back from studying and working in London, he found his hometown scene in a state of lethargy. There were still people skating, but no regular sessions, social gatherings or sense of community. Through the years Kouros has always been the guy writing the text messages to get everyone in one session. He was missed. “I see that everywhere. People always need that one person that takes matters in his own hands.” What happens to a scene if this person is missing? “They get distracted by daily life. They need to be reminded of the important things in life.” Like what? “Like skating.”

Read the story and check out all the awesome videos and photos from the trip at

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  2. can I join the one in 2019?

    1. It’s an open invite event. You can contact Athens Blade House for details at their website.

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