Still physically drained from yesterdays gnarly experience on the Red Trail, I woke up to several inches of fresh snow fall. I decided to drive to Burke Mountain and attempt to play around in the powder, hoping my body and mind had recovered from the previous day’s adventure. Arriving at Burke, there were hardly any cars in the parking lot and nothing but blue skies over the lower mountain.

A Warm Up Run on the Lower Mountain

My muscles were still pretty sore, so I wanted to stretch them out on an easy run. Getting off the Shelburne Express lift, I exited right and made my way down Binney Hill, instantly finding some powder to play in on the edge of the trail. It didn’t take long for my muscles to start throbbing in pain. I arrived to the base lodge questioning if I should even take another run. The next the day I had planned to drive to Waterville Valley, to meet up with my friend, Gabe Holm, for the On Snow Demo Day. I really didn’t want to over exert myself at Burke, to the point that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Waterville Valley. However, the ski addict in me couldn’t leave without getting at least one run in on the upper mountain.

Riding the Mid Burke Express into the Clouds

I skied back over to the Shelburne Express, taking it up the hill and skiing over to the Mid Burke Express. Unlike the lower mountain, the summit was covered in a cloud, with poor visibility. It was also extremely windy, with snow being blown off the ground.

All I wanted to do was head for the trees, but my body was telling me “not today!” Instead I stuck to the groomers and began my descent down Upper Willoughby. Because of the fog, I was having a hell of time being able to see anything. The fresh snow I was expecting to ski, had already blown off the trail and onto the sides. My goggles are so bad, that I was having trouble with depth perception and I couldn’t tell what was ice, hard pack or powder. At the same time I started getting awful muscle cramps in my calves and thighs. Struggling skiing back down to the lodge, I knew this would be my last run of the day.


About “Stoked! Jan’s Ski Blog”

I’ve spent my entire life living in cities, where I was able to urban, distance and aggressive skate all year long. In December of 2017 I moved to rural Vermont and found myself in the dead of winter, with snow all around me. Winters in Vermont are long and harsh, making skating nearly impossible 4-5 months out of the year. I live 2.5 hours from the nearest city and an hour from the nearest trails, making skating even in the summer much less frequent then I was used to.

Something needed to supplement my skating during the off season, so I took up skiing on January 2nd of 2019. From the moment I put on skis, I was hooked! Skiing gives me the exact same feeling I get from urban skating. Through skiing I am able to replicate the feel of carving around on city streets and playing on whatever obstacles catch your eye. This blog chronicles my stoke on skiing during my skating off season.

– Jan Eric Welch (Founder of

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