“80 Millimeter the preferred wheels ize for inline skater Timmy van Rixtel and partner in crime Niels Groenendijk have visited China. In this second installment of the series they hooked up with Shanghai’s finest: Killer J and Xiao Luo. Watch the skaters cruise on huge squares where inhabitants do not believe what they are seeing.

Timmy shows the locals he still has those killer moves up his sleeves. Of course 80 Millimeter also showcases some of the most beautiful shots of the cities they visit. In short the whole package again in a new city. Try to watch this video without getting hyped to put on your skates and wanting to visit Shanghai China. From our point of view, this is pretty much impossible. Enjoy”

– Posted 06-26-15 by Rollerblade. Make sure to follow Rollerblade’s YouTube channel for lots of great video content!

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