Rana Uppalapati Skates 6,000km Around India to Fight Child Sexual Abuse and Educate Underprivileged Girls

Rana Uppalapati just completed his 6,000 KM (3,328 Mile) skate around the Golden Quadrilateral of India. The Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) is a national highway network connecting major industrial, agricultural and cultural centers of India and links the four major cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

Rana visited and spoke with children throughout India.
Rana visited and spoke with children throughout India.
Skating for a Cause

Rana skated day and night to raise awareness for Good Touch & Bad Touch to battle child sex and psychical abuse. He also raised funds for educating 25,000 underprivileged girls, a massive problem in India. Stay tuned for an interview and story on Rana’s inspirational journey to help better the lives for so many children in India.

A Video Recap of His Skate

  • You can still donate to Rana’s cause Educate to Carry Her Onwards (ECHO) at his website.
  • For a visual recap of his journey you can follow him on Instagram.
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