Them 909 WKND Collaboration


The Them 909 WKND skate is an exciting collaboration between Them Skates and WKND Skateboards featuring the new Them 3.0 soul plates.

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The Them 909 WKND Skateboards Collaboration Skates might be the craziest and sickest collaboration yet. Bladers and Skateboarders may have collided in the past, but these two independent brands have put that all aside and are collaborating in such a wonderful way. Them’s classic 909 molds with V3 soulplates adorned with colorful and cool illustrations of bladers and skaters on the bottom. There is another illustration on the back of the cuff of a droopy dog holding a skateboard on some inlines. The updated soulplates have interior walls that are thicker and longer-lasting.

The Them 909 WKND also feature Them’s latest liners that have an excellent heel lock and have been redesigned to have your foot positioned a little more forward. The H-block is positioned low which allows you to have less wheel bite. The wheels look like a yin-yang symbol (makes sense). They are 58mm with 90A hardness with ABEC5 bearings. One tool is needed (5mm hex) and is included, to adjust the cuff or to change the wheels.

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