Rollerblade Twister XT



Rollerblade Twister XT is a durable urban skate that also has plenty of features to ensure comfort and stability on city streets. The all-new fit features a modified, lighter shell and a footboard sizer, which allows skaters to ensure a performance fit. The Skate Liner Plus with Performance Skate Insole Plus improves the skate stance and skateability with upgraded cushioning, improved wrapping, more breathability, and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The Rollerblade Twister XT V-cut liner ensures an additional range of motion while the Comfort Flex Tongue facilitates support and flex. The secure closure system includes a locking cuff buckle, 45-degree micro-buckle, and extended lacing into the liner; Anti-Torsion Box technology utilizes aluminum plates and teams up with the 243mm aluminum frames for maximum power transfer and control. 80mm Hydrogen wheels paired with ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings provide excellent grip and speed. The Twister XT is an excellent combination of premium fit, superior support, and advanced maneuverability.


  • This Skate is For – Urban, fitness, commuting, and recreational skating. Skaters of all abilities will like the modified shell, reimagined liner, and premium components.
  • Skate Liner Plus & Footbed Sizer – Provides a premium fit with a new padding design and anatomical fit. Perforated mesh in the forefoot provides breathability while the lycra toe area ensures comfort in the toe box. The new Comfort Flex tongue with its cushioned wings and reinforced median bar gives improved flex and control. The Footboard sizer allows you to create a tighter fit or more room in the skates.
  • Secure Closure System – Locking cuff buckles, micro-adjustable 45° buckles, and lacing through the shell and liner cuff help get the custom precise fit.
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame – Superior 243mm/10″/9.6″, racing axles, laterally adjustable.
  • High-Performance Hydrogen Wheels– 80mm/85A wheels made in the USA with proprietary urethane formula for ultimate performance, less vibration, and excellent wear; Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed.


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