Rollerblade Maxxum XT


The Rollerblade Maxxum XT blends speed and durability with extra lateral support with a modified shell for lighter weight and improved support.


The Rollerblade Maxxum XT is a hybrid skate that blends speed and durability with extra lateral support. The all-new fit features a modified shell for lighter weight and improved support, while the footboard sizer ensures a proper performance fit. The performance and fit make the Rollerblade Maxxum XT a popular choice for Rollerblade’s “Skate to Ski” program, which helps skiers to use skating during the off-season, helping them to stay fit. The Skate Liner Plus with Performance Skate Insole Plus improves skateability with upgraded cushioning, improved wrapping, more breathability, and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The Footboard Sizer provides two sizes in one skate. It enables skaters to insert the Footboard under the insole to create a snugger, more performance fit or remove it to accommodate the bigger size for more room in their skates.


  • This Skate is For – Fitness, urban, commuting, and recreational skating. It is used frequently in Rollerblade’s “Skate to Ski” program.
  • Skate Liner Plus & Footbed Sizer – Provides a premium fit with a new padding design and anatomical fit. Perforated mesh in the forefoot provides breathability while the lycra toe area ensures comfort in the toe box. The Comfort Flex tongue with its cushioned wings and reinforced median bar gives improved flex and control. The Footboard sizer allows you to create a tighter fit or more room in the skates.
  • Premium Secure Closure System – Micro-adjustable 45° and cuff buckles with lacing through the shell and liner cuff help get the custom precise fit.
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame – Rigid, stable 280mm/11” laterally-adjustable frame lowers the center of gravity, increasing speed and maneuverability.
  • Rollerblae Supreme Wheels – 90mm/85A wheels with Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings reduce wear and maximize speed.


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