Rollerblade Cruiser W


Rollerblade Cruiser W is an ultra-responsive and versatile urban skate designed for tough, fast maneuvering in all skating environments.


Rollerblade Cruiser W is an urban skate designed for tough, fast maneuvering. RB molded boots are durable in all skating environments, featuring four urban profile 80mm/85a Urban Profile wheels and SG7 bearings for added control, stability, and speed. Ultimate lateral support and sliders, a dual-buckle/lace secure closure system with shock-absorbing padding in the heel, and an attached brake make Rollerblade Cruiser W ultra-responsive and versatile for skaters of all abilities.


  • Molded BootTechnology without extra expense in this versatile and durable skate
  • Supportive & Vented – Lateral support, vented for breathability
  • Performance Liner – Added heel shock absorber dampens vibration
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame – Rigid, stable 243mm/9.6” frame lowers the center of gravity for increased speed and maneuverability
  • Rollerblade Urban Profile Wheels – 80mm/80A wheels and SG7 bearings add stability, reducing wear while maximizing grip and speed


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