Razors SL Nico Auroux


The Razors Nico Auroux SL skate comes with Premium Razors Liner, GC FLT3 Frames, GC 60mm/90A Bullet Wheels with ABEC9 Bearings.


Designed by Nico and inspired by his love for vintage motorcycles, the Razors SL Nico Auroux pro skate comes complete with Premium Razors Liner, Aluminum Razors Buckle, Waxed Hockey Laces with Reflective Flakes, and Gold Metallic Lace Tips, GC FLT3 Frames with Chrome Sickel Axles, GC 60mm/90A Bullet Wheels (setup anti-rocker), ABEC9 Bearings and Shift/SL Heelpad, and Reflective Carry-Strap. The SL shell is UFS compatible and has fully replaceable souls, backslide plates, cuffs, and buckles.

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