Razors Shift Camo



The Razors Shift Camo comes complete with the new Reign Camo V3 Liner, Aluminum buckle, Black/Moss colored Hockey Style Laces, GC Moss FLT4 Frames with Black H-Block setup flat with (8)60mm/90A GM CM Bullet Wheels, ABEC9 Bearings and Shift Heelpad.

Razors Shift and Cosmo Skates feature the IFC (Instant Frame Change) System, allowing for push-button removal of the replaceable slider plate. This removes the frame while still attached to the soul frame without having to pick up a tool. This so that you change from an aggressive skate to a larger wheel urban setup in seconds (UFS frames only). Push buttons are located on the bottom outside of the skate. Additional soul frames are sold separately. Cosmo Soul Frames when used with Cosmo Sliders can mount large wheel UFS frames on Shift/Shift2 boots, just as Shift Souls when used with Shift Sliders can mount smaller aggressive wheel setups to Cosmo boots.

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