Triskates, sometimes also called 3 wheel skates, combine dynamic rolling, agility and skating pleasure like no other skate, they are lighter, faster and lower.

The different look and feel of 3-wheel skates is breathing new excitement into inline skating, and now, for the first time, skaters from different disciplines like fitness-, speed- or even urban and free-skating enjoy the many advantages of rolling on three big wheels.

Three big wheels offer a bigger footprint with more PU in contact with the ground and more response out of the corners. So that’s why less wheels mean more grip. Also three wheel frames can be lower and shorter than traditional 4 wheel frames with smaller wheels, making it easy to maneuver and control your stride, and with the middle wheel right under the center of gravity, turns are easier and the whole skating experience feels more natural.All these features make it easier to adopt a proper skating habit and help you learn advanced techniques such as the double push. An additional benefit is the less weight which makes skating more fun and less energy consuming, allowing to skate for a longer time and improving your endurance.

Sit back, press play and enjoy the best-of compilation of our Triskating highlights all over the world.

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Starring the skating of Sam Crofts, Mirek Ragan, Chris Calkins, Mike Torres, Dustin Werbeski, Jens Küfner, Scott Arlidge, Matthias Knoll, Ricardo Lino, Bart Swings, Peter Michael, Jan Blokhuijsen, Stéphane Ryter, Eugen Enin, Earl Abrahams and Blake Bird.

Filmed in London, Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Cape Town, Le Mans, Lausanne, Cologne, Montserrat, Vancouver & Saskatchewan. Edited by Mark Heuss.

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