Powerslide Defcon DD – Dual Density anti shock inline skate wheels – 905170 – the magic 2 in 1 wheel. Whilst standard wheels are made of two components – the core and the polyurethane (PU) – Defcon wheels have an additional component. It‘s a dual density wheel which means that is has two layers of PU in different hardnesses. The first layer against the core is a softer PU and the outer layer is a harder PU. The soft inner urethane absorbs vibration for a very smooth ride, acting like suspension to take away the harsh impact from jumps. The harder PU on the outside allows for a fast roll. With the Powerslide Defcon wheel you’ll get the best of both worlds – Speed and a very smooth ride.

With the Powerslide Defcon 76mm & 80mm 78A/85A wheels, you get the best of both worlds – lots of Speed and a very smooth ride.

Find out more about the wheels here

Published on August 16th, 2018 by Powerslide Inline skates

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