Peter Glenn Ski & Sports has released their third blog post in their skate to ski series. This article is by Jose Triana, who is the Content Manager for Peter Glenn.

One of the best ways to get outdoors and exercising is with inline skates. Not only are they a great option for cruising around, but if used properly, they can easily give you a workout that will show its effects right into the winter season. Skating gives you all the benefits of an aerobic and anaerobic workout with a lot less impact and wear and tear on your joints. Because of this, it’s become extremely popular as a cross-training method.

In this week’s dryland training guide, we cover some important exercises that you can do with your inline skates. Many of these exercises are taken from Rollerblade’s skate to ski program, a unique program developed in conjunction with US Ski & Snowboard®, Professional Ski Instructors of America®, and the National Ski Patrol®.

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