Established in 2012. The Bladies started out as a small crew in Southern California. Inspired by Fallon Heffernan and Coco Sanchez who crushed it in the rollerblade scene and traveled around the world competing in every major skating event. They hyped each other up shouting “Bladies!” before they would drop into their heat. A Bladies house (a.k.a the “Blouse”) in San Diego was home to Melissa Brown, Aarin Gates, “baby Gracie” and Megan Petersen.

There are three new Bladies shirts available just in time for summer.
The mission: By creating a hub of publicity and public relations for Bladies to become recognized; opportunities are created.

The goods you find here is the flame to the fire. These goods are being sold to produce more goods to support Bladies. Shirts are going out to Bladies who are out there skating hard and to the Bladies who are out there personally supporting the community.

Chynna Weierstall, one of the world’s best Bladies, skating around Detroit, Michigan.

The Bladies movement is on the rise world wide, be part of the collective.

Bladies are a collective who have come together to support one another as well as inspire more to join. As this collective grows, there is more talent to be discovered.

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