Mathias von Gostømski put together this amazing edit of himself and Danny Aldridge freeskating the streets of Barcelona.

After 20 years in the game grinderblading got quite old, time to ditch soulplates and grooves and see what can be done with a basic pair of fitness-skates. The result is one of the most fun times skating I have ever had on blades and probably the most I’ve learned too. All a result of the “BCN blade-lifestyle” where we would mostly skate anywhere at any time which is simply not possible on 55mm antis. The logical thing for me was to just have one pair of skates for eall the fun… due to the backpack lifestyle I can’t really have more than 1 pair of skates. It were 72mm Aeons for a while, but they hurt my feet and I wanted to just not really be able to grind that easy anymore, after trying a few fitness models on the market (pain, pain, oh the imperial footpain) I was able to skate the Twisters painless and with the great intuition liners (thanks Leon @shoptask) they were even better. Here we go, Dan on the Rollerblade 80’s and me on the RB Twisters with 90mm wheels.

Introduction by Mathias von Gostømski

Published on Jun 12, 2019 by 247rol


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