It has been a while since you have heard from the Cayenne Project Crew. But you better believe they have put this time to good use, and put in some heavy work in order to bring you what they feel is going to be their best project to date. They are now really happy to present the result to you: FORMOSA will be dropping in just a few weeks, and to say they are super excited would be an understatement!

The Trailer

Back in November 2017, the Cayenne Crew spent three weeks exploring, skating and shooting on the lovely, faraway island of Taiwan. Some incredible scenery, lots of spots you have never seen before and as usual, some dedicated people both in front and behind the camera.

The Crew

Like Delfon Dio, the cast includes the usual Cayenne suspects, and features Richie Eisler, Chris Farmer, Scott Quinn, Josh Glowicki, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Chris Smith & Carson Starnes, with Dominik Wagner behind the photo camera, and Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Büttner capturing all the action on film. If you enjoyed their previous releases, it is safe to assume you will love this one!

The Poster

FORMOSA will be released in July, and in the meantime, they have organized several premieres in Germany, France, the USA, Canada, and of course Taiwan itself! So if you can’t wait until next month, make sure to check out all the info and events happening around the globe on their page.

More Stuff

They are currently working on quite a few exciting side projects, like another coffee table book by Dominik Wagner and Freddy White, along with posters, shirts, bonus videos, limited print series and a lot more good stuff.

  • Visit the Cayenne Project website for more information.
  • Follow the Cayenne Project on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo to keep up with all updates and news.
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