Chengdu has been enjoying FISE competitions since 2014, and it is now an event that nobody wants to miss. As a result, more than 250,000 spectators gathered over the 4 days, to cheer on the 400 professional and amateur riders. With 5 sports including 3 World Cups, it was definitely last but not least at this stop.

Joe, Diako and Yuto. Photo by Kaspars Alksnis
Joe, Diako and Yuto. Photo by Kaspars Alksnis
Men’s Results

1. Diako Diaby (Paris, France)
2. Joe Atkinson (Wakefield, United Kingdom)
3. Yuto Goto (Okayma, Japan)

Manon, Chihiro and Mery.
Manon, Chihiro and Mery.
Women’s Results

1. Chihiro Azuma (Okayama, Japan)
2. Mery Munoz (Barcelona, Spain)
3. Manon Derrien (Bordeaux, France)

The Roller Freestyle World Cup Finals

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