What’s up Internet! My name is Kenny “Tico” Talpa, a Canadian skater who’s been rollerblading since the mid 90’s. Like most Canadian kids I learned how to ice skate at an early age and played ice hockey most of my life. I’m forever grateful that I found the act of “skating” at an early age. Looking back at it, it might be the most valuable skill I ever learned.

Whether it’s playing hockey, going to the skatepark, heading to the beach, exploring the city or even hitting trails in the forest, I’m doing it with skates on my feet. I currently live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and have been making action Vlogs following my adventures over the past 4 months. It’s been a lot of fun experimenting with different types of skating and filming it. Everyone has a pretty open mind here and it’s great to be surrounded by so many like minded people.

 Dallas Kurtz and Kenny Talpa
Dallas Kurtz and Kenny “Tico” Talpa
Inside Kenny Vlogs Episode 12

In this particular episode (KVEP12) we set out to test our skills at a multi-level mountain bike skills park. Things always look smaller on camera and let me tell you the size of the jumps at the end were absolutely huge. The drop in alone took a whole different breed of inline skater. An imperfect runway and landing area, uncertain speed, and possible equipment failure are all different aspects of mountain blading that you don’t typically have to consider when doing most other types of inline skating.

By the end of the day Kaylo Baines was hitting the XL features which is absolutely insane. The size of the gaps were like jumping multiple cars. Making this episode was a lot of fun but took a lot of work. Spending a whole day walking uphill in the forest on skates is exhausting! By the time we were at the top and ready to drop in, I would still be tired from the climb up.

We hope to make more of these off road episodes but it’s winter time here in snowy Canada right now. I hope you all enjoy this episode and look forward to making more fun rolling edits for your viewing pleasure.

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