We are currently raising money for the Big Wheel Blading Web Hosting, Domain Renewal GoFundMe campaign. Big Wheel Blading needs to renew our domain, website and email hosting for the next three years. We also want to add SSL security to the site so we can add further features and user integration. Big Wheel Blading was founded by Jan Eric Welch to promote all disciplines of inline skating. Jan loves skating and has dedicated his life to help the sport grow. However bigwheelblading.com is a labor of love and does not make any money to support itself. Jan Welch who is maintaining the site is no longer making an income since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We need the help of Big Wheel Blading readers and fans to help continue our mission for the next three years. We know times are tough but anything you can donate will help keep bigwheelblading.com on the web.

Here is the cost breakdown for hosting for next three years.
  1. bigwheelblading.com domain renewal (Cost for 3 years – $53.97)
    Status: Fully funded and renewed for 3 years.
  2. Domain Hosting renewal (Cost for 3 years – $539.65)
    Status: $359.76 raised need to raise an additional $179.88
  3. Email renewal (Cost for 3 years – $215.64)
    Status: Fully funded and renewed for 3 years.
  4. SSL Certificate (Cost for 3 yeard – $507.00)
    Status: $338.00 raised, need to raise an additional $169.00

Total amount to keep Big Wheel Blading  running for next 3 years – $1,316.26 plus a little extra to cover gofundme fees.

We have currently raised $1,046.00.

Once the main goal is met to fund Big Wheel Blading for the next 3 years, and any other money raised will go to:

5. Equipment for YouTube Vlog – $600
6. Helping to create much more expansive content. – priceless

To donate to the Big Wheeel Blading GoFundMe campaign go here.

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