The Results Are In, The 2018 Big Wheel Blading Award Winners

The Big Wheel Blading Awards are the first awards of their kind, blending all aspects of inline skating together. We wanted to give a voice to everyone that blades by allowing them to choose their favorite brands, vlogs, podcasts and skaters in the categories of aggressive skating, freeskating, slalom skating, marathon skating, distance skating and speed skating. To achieve this we started with a nomination period that lasted the month of November, where nearly 1,000 skaters submitted their nominees.

The top nominees in each category were tallied up and we created a poll to allow you to vote for all the finalists between December 1st and December 22nd. We had 2,903 people from around the world cast their votes for their favorite nominees during this period. The people have spoken and we are proud to announce this years winners. To everyone who submitted nominations and voted for the finalists, we thank you very much!

Best Skate Brand

Winner – Powerslide

Runner Up – Rollerblade

Best Frame Company

Winner – Powerslide

Runner Up – Wizard

Best Wheel Brand

Winner – Undercover

Runner Up – Matter

Best Bearings

Winner – Twincam

Runner Up – Wicked

Best Accessories

Winner – Powerslide

Runner Up – Ennui

Most Innovative Product

Winner – Powerslide NEXT Skates

Runner Up – Oysi Frames

Best Clothing Brand

Winner – CCN

Runner Up – Them Goods

Best New Company

Winner – Them Skates

Runner Up – FR Skates

Best Online Retailer

Winner – Inline Warehouse

Runner Up – LocoSkates

Best Brick & Mortar Skate Shop

Winner – Loco Skates

Runner Up – Roex

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner – Jon Julio

Runner Up – Eddy Matzger

Most Influential Skater

Winner – Joe Atkinson

Runner Up – Eugin Enin

Best Event

Winner – Berlin Marathon

Runner Up – Winterclash

Doing the Most to Promote Skating

Winner – Ricardo Lino

Runner Up – John Rogers

Best Vlog / YouTube Channel

Winner – The Lino Life

Runner Up – Back to Blading

Best Podcast

Winner – Jumpstreet

Runner Up – Inline Talk with Mr. Rogers

Best Social Skate Weekend

Winner – Big Apple Roll

Runner Up – Athens Blade House

Best Camping & Skating Roadtrip

Winner – Colorado Road Trip (CORT)

Runner Up – Northwest Shred Tour

Best Weekly Urban Night Skate

Winner – Barcelona Friday Night Skate

Runner Up – New York City Wednesday Night Skate

Best Male Aggressive Skater

Winner – Joe Atkinson

Runner Up – Nick Lomax

Best Female Aggressive Skater

Winner – Mery Muñoz

Runner Up – Chynna Weierstall

Best Aggressive Frame

Winner – Oysi

Runner Up – Ground Control BIG

Best Aggressive Skate

Winner – USD Aeon

Runner Up – USD Carbon

Best Wizard Skater

Winner – Leon Basin

Runner Up – Mike Torres

Best Male Freeskater

Winner – Nick Lomax

Runner Up – Danny Aldridge

Best Female Freeskater

Winner – Sofi Carreras

Runner Up – Mery Muñoz

Best Freeskate

Winner – Powerslide NEXT

Runner Up – Seba FR1

Best Male Slalom Skater

Winner – Jon Larrucea

Runner Up – Greg Tinney

Best Female Slalom Skater

Winner – Ewelina Czapla

Runner Up: – Sofia Bogdanova

Distance Skater of the Year

Winner – Adam Kucharek

Runner Up – Piotr Mostowiec

Most Inspiring Distance Skater of the Year

Winner – Kacie Clevland

Runner Up – Yanise Ho

Most Inspirational Aggressive to Distance Skater

Winner – Caleb Smith

Runner Up – Eric Cruz

Favorite Distance Skater to Follow on Social Media

Winner – Caleb Smith

Runner Up – Pascal Briand

Best Male Downhill Skater

Winner – Gabe Holm

Runner Up – Sébastien Rastegar

Best Female Downhill Skater

Winner – Irene Jiménez

Runner Up – Elena Dimitrova

Best Downhill Event

Winner – Beton on Fire

Runner Up – Sochi

Best Downhill Frame

Winner – Seba DH90

Runner Up – FR DH90

Best Male Marathon Skater

Winner – Bart Swings

Runner Up – Felix Rijhnen

Best Female Marathon Skater

Winner – Katharina Rumpus

Runner Up – Sandra Spirovska

Most Inspiring Marathon Skater

Winner – Bart Swings

Runner Up – Kacie Cleveland

Best Marathon Skate

Winner – Powerslide R6

Runner Up – Rollerblade Endurace

Best Marathons / Speed Skating Frames

Winner – Powerslide Triple X Trinity

Runner Up – EO Carbon Frames

Best Marathon Wheels

Winner – Matter G13 125

Runner Up – Rollerblade Hydrogen

Best Male Speed Skater

Winner – Bart Swings

Runner Up – Jonathan Blair

Best Female Speed Skater

Winner – Jessica Brooks

Runner Up – Erin Jackson

Best Speed Skating Event

Winner – World Championships Heerde

Runner Up – Spring Fling

Best Custom Speed Skate Boot Maker

Winner – Jimmy Blair (Pinnacle Racing)

Runner Up – Dave Simmons (Simmons Racing)

Best Speed Skating Wheel

Winner – Rollerblade Hydrogen

Runner Up – Matter one20five

Best Skinsuit

Winner – CCN

Runner Up – Triton