Big Wheel Blading Awards 2018 Nominations

This year we are hosting the very first Big Wheel Blading Awards. This is your chance to let the world know who you think the best skaters, companies, events, edits, YouTubers, podcasters and more are. There will be awards in the categories of: Companies, Retailers, The Best of The Best, Media, Vlogs & YouTubers, Aggressive, Downhill, Freeskating, Marathon, Off-Road Skating, Slalom, Social Skating and Inline Speed Skating.

The Big Wheel Blading Awards are open to all skaters, companies and stores regardless of what size wheels are associated with them. Please take a few minutes to submit your nominations for any categories and disciplines that are relevant to you. The nomination period will end on December 1st and voting for Nominees will begin on December 5th. Please share this with all your friends so we can get as many submissions and deserving Nominees as possible.

Submit Your Nominations
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